The Place Beyond The Pines Trilha Sonora

Ainda não temos a lista de faixas oficial da trilha sonora de The Place Beyond The Pines, o novo filme de drama escrito e dirigido por Derek Cianfranc and starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper e Eva Mendes. Mas colocamos as mãos em uma lista com todas as cançÔes do filme:

Trilha Sonora do Filme The Place Beyond The Pines
VĂĄrios artistas.

1. Miserere Mei – OsnabrĂŒck Youth Choir
2. Che – Suicide
3. Contrapositive – Mike Patton
4. The Snow Angel – Mike Patton
5. Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springsteen
6. Fratres – Eric V. Hachikian
7. The Weight of Consequences – by Mike Patton
8. Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri – Ennio Morricone
9. Bank Robber Blues – Jim Helton
10. A Bad Decision – Jim Helton
11. We Shouldn’t Be Here – Jim Helton
12. The Air of Betrayal – Jim Helton
13. And Then It Hit Me – Jim Helton
14. Dread – Jim Helton
15. Return What Isn’t Yours – Jim Helton
16. Descending Dread – Jim Helton
17. Insidious Air – Jim Helton
20. Borriquito – Ryan Gosling
21. Don’t Go Please Stay – The Cryin’ Shames
22. Maneater – Daryl Hall & John Oates
23. Fratres (for Cello and Piano) – I Fiamminghi
24. Fratres (for Violin, Strings and Percussion) – I Fiamminghi
25. Fratres for Strings and Percussion – Rudolf Werthen
26. Get On My Hype – Messy Marv
27. Trap Door – Salem
28. Fall Back – YONAS
29. Fools Rhythm – Two Fingers
30. Kodo March – Mike Patton
31. The Wolves (Act I and II) – Bon Iver
The Place Beyond The Pines Canção - The Place Beyond The Pines MĂșsica - The Place Beyond The Pines Trilha Sonora - The Place Beyond The Pines Trilha do Filme

O que vocĂȘ acha das cançÔes escolhidas pro filme? Qual Ă© sua mĂșsica preferida dessa lista?

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